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Call for Editor of the Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics

All submission materials should be sent to 2012.zAJACMP@mail.aapm.org

The term of the current Editor of the Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics (JACMP), George Starkschall, Ph.D., will end effective December 31, 2012. A search committee established by the Executive Committee of the AAPM is now seeking applications from qualified individuals to become Editor. The primary responsibility of the Editor is to ensure the scientific integrity, quality, and international stature of JACMP. The Editor manages the manuscript review process and represents the Journal in national and international forums. The Editor selects members of the JACMP Editorial Board, which has authority over the policies and procedures of the Journal. The Editor is appointed by, and reports to, the Board of Directors of the AAPM. The Editor is Chair of the JACMP Editorial Board and a voting member of the JACMP Journal Business Management Committee. The Editor also maintains a working relationship with MultiMed (technical publisher) with respect to journal production issues.  The Editor will also participate in the definition of the Editor, the JACMP Editorial Board, and the JACMP Journal Business Management Committee in the Rules of the AAPM.

Editorial staff support services at AAPM Headquarters will be provided to the Editor, who retains authority over the manuscript review and publication process. Staff will assist in the timely distribution and tracking of manuscripts through these processes, the generation of correspondence and statistical data, and the maintenance of archival records under the instruction of the Editor and with support and local oversight of the AAPM Executive Director. A model of editorial responsibilities distributed across the Editor and Deputy Editors is being developed, and the Editor will participate in the Deputy Editor selection process. A transition period between Editors is planned to ensure continuity of editorial operations. The AAPM will provide the Editor with an honorarium and an expense budget.

Candidates for Editor should:

  1. Be highly distinguished members of the medical physics community through clinical practice, research, publications, professional society involvement, and other activities.
  2. Be committed to maintaining JACMP as a premier journal for the publication of clinical papers in keeping with the Journal’s masthead.
  3. Have strong organizational and administrative skills and the ability to work collegially with Deputy Editors, Editorial Board, and AAPM staff in an environment of distributed support and responsibility.
  4. Have a working knowledge of the process of managing the operation of a scientific journal and have prior service on one or more editorial boards or equivalent.
  5. Possess a strategic vision of the position of the Journal within the arena of scientific publications and an operational plan for continued improvement of the Journal.
  6. Be aware of the changing publishing environment associated with electronic publication technology and challenges such as open-access publication.
  7. Work in an environment that accommodates the Editor's workload.
  8. Be prepared to serve as Editor for 6 years, subject to reappointment after a three-year term.
  9. Reside in North America.

Individuals who are interested in applying for the Editor position should send an e-mail to 2012.zAJACMP@mail.aapm.org at the earliest opportunity indicating their intent to submit a detailed application by July 20, 2012. The detailed application should be submitted electronically to 2012.zAJACMP@mail.aapm.org in the form of a letter addressing the previous items plus any other relevant considerations along with a curriculum vitae.

The anticipated timetable for the selection and transition processes is as follows:

  1. The search committee will compile a short list of the most qualified candidates by August 1, 2012.
  2. Selected candidates will give a presentation to the search committee during September 2012.
  3. Selected candidates will be asked to address their financial needs, to discuss their candidates for the Deputy Editor positions, and to demonstrate that they have the time available and the institutional commitment (if relevant) to assume the Editor’s responsibilities.
  4. The new Editor will be appointed by the Board on or before October 1, 2012, at which time the transition process between Editors will be initiated.
  5. Transition arrangements occurring during 2012-3 will be the responsibility of the current and new Editor with the support of the Editorial Board, the JACMP Journal Business Management Committee, and AAPM staff.
  6. The new Editor will assume full responsibility on January 1, 2013.