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Kagadis named AAPM Website Editor

The AAPM Executive Committee is pleased to announce that George C. Kagadis has been named AAPM's Website Editor as of June 1, 2013. The Ad Hoc Committee on Website Editor Selection, chaired by Charles Bloch, lead the selection process and made the recommendation for appointment. George succeeds Christopher Marshall who served as the instrumental first editor beginning in 2006.

See below for a glimpse into George's vision for the AAPM website.

It is a great honor to have been selected the new AAPM website editor. I hope that I will be able to follow the great work done by Dr. Chris Marshall in serving our community.

The AAPM website is the front page of our society and as such should be given constant attention, in that it may continue to provide comprehensive, succinct, and current information to interested users.

IT technology has advanced a lot during the past few years, and gives opportunities to communicate a great wealth of information immediately and directly to users through various ways. A constant drive to keep up with the latest technologies is needed in order to sustain and increase the importance of AAPM. We will continuously strive to ensure our society’s premier position in the Medical Physics community.

In the era of ever-increasing reliance on online media, AAPM should continue to solidify its online presence. Our society’s website serves as the central hub for visitors and must always work to retain the concerned users’ interest. Part of our vision is to build upon the hard work done so far to make it easier for visitors to customize the information that they can view at our website, expanding on what they already can do now (i.e. names of Committees and Sub-Committees which the user serves). Further customization of our website could provide users with information tailored even more to their individual interests and consequently help increase traffic by making it even more valuable to all of us.

We equally want to ensure that AAPM’s web presence is easily accessible through the different emerging platforms. For example, we will work hard to make our web presence more easily accessible to smartphone and tablet users. This should facilitate access to the society for members that rely increasingly on hand-held devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Last but not least, we want to take further advantage of the power of social media to benefit our society. Our society’s social media presence already includes Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. Use of Facebook is rising rapidly, especially among younger colleagues, and it is a platform where AAPM can expand even further. As part of this goal, we will work toward establishing a separate presence on Facebook for Medical Physics and the Journal of the Applied Clinical Medical Physics, as well as toward utilizing further these platforms to increase the opportunities for interaction among our members.

I am undertaking this role fully aware of its importance for our society. I hope that I will have your support and suggestions on how we could improve our society’s web presence even further so as to meet the needs of our members and improve the general public’s view of our society.

George C. Kagadis, PhD