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AAPM Virtual Museum of Medical Physics

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered X-Rays on November 8, 1895. Please join us in celebrating the 125th anniversary of this discovery with the launch of the AAPM Virtual Museum of Medical Physics.

The Virtual Museum was developed by the AAPM History Committee to document and preserve the heritage of the field of Medical Physics and of AAPM.

The Museum website is publicly accessible at museum.aapm.org

Please note: several galleries are tagged as “coming soon”. Some are actively under construction while others are not, and volunteers are needed to help build them. If you are interested in contributing materials to these galleries and/or aiding in their construction, please click on the CONTRIBUTORS link at the top of the Home Page and let us know via the CONTACT tab.

This project was made possible by many generous individual donations to the History Committee Fund.
Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

The Online Virtual Museum Working Group
of the AAPM History Committee