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2021 AAPM Virtual 63rd Annual Meeting - Session: Nuclear Medicine and PET

A Robust Method to Quantitate Tracer Activity in Organs and Lesions with Clinical SPECT/CT Systems
Judy James, PhD Loyola University Medical Center

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All videos in this session:
Harmonization of Four PET Scanners Through the Use of a Uniformity Phantom and a Sphere Simulation Tool - Daniel Gomez Cardona, MS Gundersen Health System
BEST IN PHYSICS (IMAGING): Image Quality and Lesion Detectability in New DDG-PET/CT Utilizing 50% of PET Data - Allan Thomas UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Longitudinal PET/CT Imaging of 64Cu for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Dosimetry - Michael Merrick University of Iowa
NCINM2.0: Organ Dose Calculator for Patients Undergoing Nuclear Medicine Procedures - Implementation of the ICRP Reference Phantoms and Biokinetic Models - Choonsik Lee, PhD National Cancer Institute
Organ Doses Following Intra-Hepatic-Arterial Administration of 99mTc-MAA in Planning Dosimetry for 90Y-SIRT - Srinivas Cheenu Kappadath, PhD UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Uncertainty Propagation Methods for Personalized, Image-Based 131-Iodine SPECT/CT Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Dosimetry - David Adam, MS University of Wisconsin- Madison
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