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true 2021 AAPM Virtual 63rd Annual Meeting - Outcome modeling and assessment - 2021-07-25T00:00:00+00:00 Video Virtual Library

2021 AAPM Virtual 63rd Annual Meeting - Session: Outcome modeling and assessment

From Person-Specific to Population-Based Colorectal Models: An Age-Scalable Computational Anatomical Colorectal Model for Radiation Dosimetry in Late Effects Studies of Childhood Cancer Survivors
Constance Owens University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

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All videos in this session:
Compact Neural Network to Predict Radiation-Induced Lymphocyte Depletion - Yejin Kim KAIST
MRI-Based Multi-Region Delta-Radiomics for Prediction of Recurrence After Chemoradiotherapy in Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer - Masashi Kawamura
Predicting Osteoradionecrosis From Head and Neck Radiotherapy Using a Residual convolutional Neural Network - Brandon Reber University of Texas-MD Anderson Cancer Center
Relationship Between Coronary Artery Radiation Doses and Risk of Late Coronary Artery Disease: A Report From the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (CCSS) - Suman Shrestha, MS University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Seed Spots Analysis to Characterize Linear-Energy-Transfer (LET) Effect in the Adverse Event Regions of Head and Neck Cancer Patients Treated by Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) - Yunze Yang Mayo Clinic Arizona
Survival Prediction Models for Patients with Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma After Adjuvant Radiotherapy - Zitian Wang UCLA School of Medicine
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