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2021 AAPM Virtual 63rd Annual Meeting - Session: AI-Based Auto-Segmentation and Auto-Contouring - II

3D Dense U-Net for Fully Automated Multi-Organ Segmentation in Female Pelvic Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Fatemeh Zabihollahy Johns Hopkins University

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All videos in this session:
Automatic Segmentation and Physician Review of Intact and Post-Operative Prostate Radiotherapy Contours - Mohammad El Basha University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Autosegmentation Anomaly Detection by Clustering of Shapes - Daren Sawkey, PhD Varian Medical Systems
Auto-Segmentation of Organs-At-Risk in Head and Neck CT Images with Dual Shape Guided Network - Shuai Wang University Of North Carolina
Improving Cone-Beam CT Based Organ Segmentation with Attention and Knowledge Transfer - Hanyue Zhou UCLA
Measuring the Clinical Impact of the Introduction of a Novel Auto-Contouring Workflow for 0.35T MRI-Guided Pelvic Radiotherapy - Yasin Abdulkadir UCLA
Weaving Attention U-Net for Head and Neck Multi-Organ CT Segmentation - Zhuangzhuang Zhang Washington University in St. Louis
Q & A -
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