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2021 AAPM Virtual 63rd Annual Meeting - Session: FLASH: Radiobiology

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Analysis of Proton Inter-Track Interactions at Ultra-High Dose Rates
Shannon Thompson Queen's University Belfast

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All videos in this session:
Abdominal Flash Proton Irradiation Does Not Benefit the Intestine - QIXIAN ZHANG Massachusetts General Hospital
BEST IN PHYSICS (THERAPY): FLASH Sparing of Normal Tissue in a Proton Spread Out Bragg Peak - Michele Kim, PhD University of Pennsylvania
Measuring Oxygen Concentration at Ultra-Fast Rates During Proton FLASH Delivery Using Phosphorescence Quenching of Soluble Oxyphor Probes - Alexander Van Slyke University of Pennsylvania
Modeling of Cellular Response After FLASH Irradiation: A Quantitative Analysis Based On the Radiolytic Oxygen Depletion Hypothesis - Hongyu Zhu Department of Radiation Oncology, Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center
TOPAS-NBio Simulation of Radiation Chemistry Following FLASH Irradiation Including Reactions of Biological Importance - Magdalena Grochowska University of Warsaw
Modeling Radiation-Induced Oxygen Depletion and Its Effects On Normal Tissue Complications in FLASH-RT - Sunan Cui Stanford University
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