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2013 AAPM Annual Meeting - Session: Image Guidance and Assessment

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Ultrasound Guided HIFU Ablation (USgFUS)
Mark Carol, Alliance Imaging Inc, CA, UNITED STATES

Handout(s): 77-22606-310436-101864.pdf
Handout(s): 77-22606-310436-101866.pdf
Handout(s): 77-22606-310436-92650.pdf
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Watching →Ultrasound Guided HIFU Ablation (USgFUS) - Mark Carol, Alliance Imaging Inc, CA, UNITED STATES
Real-time Implementation of a Dual-Mode Ultrasound Array System for Image-guided Interventions - Emad Ebbini, University of Minnesota, MN, UNITED STATES
 Echo decorrelation imaging for guidance of ultrasound ablation - T. Douglas Mast, PhD, Department of Biomedical, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering University of Cincinnati, OH, UNITED STATES
MR Temperature Monitoring for Ultrasound Thermal Therapies - Viola Rieke, UCSF, CA, 94143 UNITED STATES
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