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2017 AAPM Summer School - Session: General Planning II

Plan Evaluation - Interstitial Indices
Frank-Andre Siebert, Clinic of Radiotherapy (Radiooncology)

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All videos in this session:
Optimization - Binary Stochastic - J. Adam Cunha, UC San Francisco
Optimization - Binary Heuristic - Bruce Thomadsen, University of Wisconsin
Optimization - Binary Deterministic - J. Adam Cunha, UC San Francisco
Optimization - Continuous Analytic - Jason Rownd, Medical College of Wisconsin
Optimization - Continuous Non-Analytic - Bruce Thomadsen, University of Wisconsin
Q&A - Bruce Libby, University of Virginia
Plan Evaluation - DVH - Wayne Butler, Wheeling Hospital
Plan Evaluation - Intracavitary Measures - Dorin Todor, Virginia Commonwealth University
Plan Evaluation - QA - Daniel Scanderbeg, UC San Diego
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