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2020 Joint AAPM | COMP Virtual Meeting - Session: Point/Counterpoint: Most Pediatric Patients Should Be Treated at Proton Therapy Centers

Overview of Pediatric Radiotherapy: Photon, Proton, and Beyond
Chia-Ho Hua, PhD St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital

Handout(s): 155-53951-1531640-157157-2030118503.pdf
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For the Proposition: Proton Therapy is Technically Superior to Photon Therapy - Stella Flampouri, PhD Emory University
Against the Proposition: Photon Therapy is More Versatile and Delivery is Less Uncertain Than Proton Therapy - Ping Xia, PhD The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
For the Proposition: Proton Therapy for Pediatric Patients: Positively Necessary - Dennis Mah, PhD Procure Treatment Center
Against the Proposition: Very Few Pediatric Patients Will Clinically Benefit from Protons Over Photons (Does Every Gy Matter?) - Arthur Olch, PhD Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
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