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2021 AAPM Virtual 63rd Annual Meeting - Session: Particle Therapy: Treatment Delivery and Verification

BEST IN PHYSICS (THERAPY): New System for Fast and Independent Proton Beam Energy Measurement
Felix Milian University of Torino, UNITO, Italy and State University of Santa Cruz, UESC, Brazil

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All videos in this session:
Electrostatic Focusing Lens System for Low MeV-Ion Microprobe: A Simulation and Optimization Study - Harsh Arya The University of Texas at Arlington
The Potential of Online-Adaptive Head and Neck Proton Therapy to Reduce Normal Tissue Complication Probability - Arthur Lalonde Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School
Design and Initial Testing of An Isocenter Alignment Prototype for the Proton Dynamic Collimation System - Theodore Geoghegan
Fast MCsquare-Based Independent Dose Verification Platform for Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Therapy - Yawei Zhang, PhD University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute
Simultaneous Proton Dose and LET Measurements Using Dual Storage Phosphors - Jufri Setianegara Washington University in St. Louis
Development of An Imaging System for Proton Pencil Beam Spot Profile Determination - Jufri Setianegara Washington University in St. Louis
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