2022 AAPM 64th Annual Meeting
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Session Title: Excelling as a Medical Physicist Outside the Clinic
Question 1: 1. True or False: The AAPM has a Working Group dedicated to growing resources and addressing the needs of non-clinical physics professionals.
Choice A:True
Choice B:False
Question 2: AAPM members of any membership level can email the Chair what types of AAPM groups and ask to be a part of that group as a Guest member:
Choice A:Committees
Choice B:Subcommittees
Choice C:Working Groups
Choice D:All of the Above
Question 3: What is the name of the prominent professional organization for supporting physics education in the United States, including undergraduate education
Reference:http:// aapt.org
Choice A:American Society of Physics
Choice B:American Association of Physics Teachers
Choice C:Teachers in Physics
Question 4: Which of these are peer-reviewed journals that can support teaching undergraduate physics?
Reference:https://www.aapt.org/Publications/ajp.cfm https://aapt.scitation.org/journal/pte https://journals.aps.org/prper
Choice A:American Journal of Physics
Choice B:The Physics Teacher
Choice C:Physical Review Physics Education Research
Choice D:All of the Above
Question 5: Industry jobs for medical physicists that have worked in hospital/university environments are very narrow in scope and hard to come by.
Reference:There are huge number of jobs that a trained medical physicists would be great at in industry. There are not only jobs that wants to leverage the experiences of a clinical physicist but also skills that have been acquired throughout a clinical career can be very useful in many different types of jobs, such as in education, training, product development, research, management etc.
Choice A:True
Choice B:False
Question 6: Excelling as a “non-clinical” medical physicist within industry means you must have:
Reference:Knowledge is important but how to apply the knowledge and understand how that could fit into the new working environment can help one succeed in a non-clinical environment.
Choice A:PhD
Choice B:MBA
Choice C:Both a. and b.
Choice D:Understand your knowledge, experiences and value to apply them in a different environment
Choice E:>10 years of experience as a medical physicist
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