2022 AAPM 64th Annual Meeting
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Session Title: Clinical-Industry Partnerships
Question 1: What is the overarching difference between Phase I and Phase II trials?
Reference:Lawrence M. Friedman · Curt D. Furberg David L. DeMets · David M. Reboussin Christopher B. Granger Fundamentals of Clinical Trials Fifth Edition, Springer, 2003
Choice A:Phase I trials focus on feasibility, while Phase II trials generate key, definitive evidence about efficacy
Choice B:Phase I trials evaluate safety, while Phase II trials gather initial data about efficacy
Choice C:Phase I trials gather initial data about efficacy, while Phase II trials demonstrate safety
Choice D:Phase I trials generate randomized evidence, while Phase II trials are not ever randomized
Choice E:Phase I trials are done after a new drug or device has been licensed to gather further safety data, while Phase II trials gather efficacy data
Question 2: The strategic partnership between academic institutions and industry partners on evaluating and implementing new technologies has the following characteristics EXCEPT
Reference:Experience in commissioning the halcyon linac, Tucker et al, Volume 46, Issue10, October 2019, Pages 4304-4313
Choice A:Providing key clinical and real-world data for vendors to improve upon their prototype
Choice B:Allowing academic institutions to have early access of new technologies, and publish based on their findings
Choice C:Are often initiated by research investigators at major universities
Choice D:With tight timelines and clearly deliverables specified in upfront scope of work
Question 3: Which of the following role assignments are not optimal in a RACI matrix for vendor-academic partnership on evaluating the feasibility of implementing a new type of linac?
Reference:What is RACI chart? https://www.forbes.com/advisor/business/raci-chart/
Choice A:The lead photon physicist assigned to this project is responsible for the project
Choice B:The physics resident is accountable for the project
Choice C:The senior physicists overseeing QA is consulted on the project
Choice D:The vendor representative is informed on the project
Question 4: Regarding general rules of interactions with vendors, which of the following is NOT appropriate for the physicists involved in the collaborations
Reference:Code of ethics for the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (Revised): Report of Task Group 109.
Choice A:Making purchase decision of a product or service based on its merits and not be influenced by personal inducements
Choice B:Physicists involved in the collaboration should avoid disclosing identifiable patient information to vendors. Compliance with patient privacy laws must be ensured.
Choice C:Any corporate proprietary information reveled during the collaboration must be respected and hold confidential.
Choice D:Accepting gift or consultation arrangements in exchange for a sales transaction is a good move to build a successful relationship with vendors
Question 5: As a successful vendor-user collaboration example mentioned in the talk, for a quick evaluation of MLC motor RF shielding on MRgRT platform in a clinical setting, what tests were proposed and performed with vendor support?
Reference:Cai et al. Med.Phys. 44(12) 2017.
Choice A:Use magnetic field probe to measure field inhomogeneity while MLC is moving
Choice B:Use magnetic field probe to measure field inhomogeneity while MLC is stationary
Choice C:As an indirect approach, the SNR is measured during a real time MR imaging on an ACR phantom on three plans with moving or stationary MLC
Choice D:Real time MR images were taken with or without RF shielding of MLC
Question 6: What do I need to do to ensure that my research is compliant with the regulations against corruption?
Reference:AdvaMed Code of Ethics and the Anti-Kickback Statute
Choice A:Do not link the research funding to a purchase
Choice B:Document what I will deliver
Choice C:Ensure that the funding is consistent with the deliverables
Choice D:Regularly report on the work done
Choice E:All of the above
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