2022 AAPM 64th Annual Meeting
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Session Title: 3D Mammography
Question 1: Increasing the angular range has which following effect(s):
Reference:Reference: Bushberg, J. T., Seibert, J. A., Leidholdt, E. M., & Boone, J. M. (2021). Breast Imaging: Mammography. In The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging (pp. 284–288). essay, Wolters Kluwer.
Choice A:Longer acquisition time
Choice B:Z-resolution is improved
Choice C:Both (a) and (b)
Choice D:None of the above
Question 2: Larger projection density (number of projections per angle) reduces ripple artifacts
Reference:Reference: Machida H, Yuhara T, Mori T, Ueno E, Moribe Y, Sabol JM. Optimizing parameters for flat-panel detector digital tomosynthesis. Radiographics. 2010;30(2):549-562. doi:10.1148/rg.30209509
Choice A:True
Choice B:False
Question 3: According to the ACR QC manual, average glandular dose from an imaging mode that combines a 3D view with a 3D view must meet the following requirement(s) when imaging the ACR DM Phantom:
Choice A:Total dose from both views <3.0 mGy
Choice B:Both view’s dose (2D and 3D) must have <3.0 mGy each
Choice C:Total dose from both views <6.0 mGy
Choice D:None of the above
Question 4: Increasing the number of projections while maintaining a constant total dose does what with respect to quantum noise:
Reference:Sechopoulos, I. (2013), A review of breast tomosynthesis. Part I. The image acquisition process. Med. Phys., 40: 014301. https://doi.org/10.1118/1.4770279
Choice A:Increases Noise
Choice B:Decreases Noise
Choice C:Stays the same
Question 5: Which artifact is of most concern for long acquisition times
Reference:Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Physics, Artifacts, and Quality Control Considerations Nikki Tirada, Guang Li, David Dreizin, Luke Robinson, Gauri Khorjekar, Sergio Dromi, and Thomas Ernst RadioGraphics 2019 39:2, 413-426
Choice A:Truncation
Choice B:Zipper
Choice C:Ripple
Choice D:Motion
Question 6: Which of the following are true regarding synthetic mammograms in comparison to Combo view exposures
Reference:Which of the following are true regarding synthetic mammograms in comparison to Combo view exposures (I) Dose Reduction (II) Prone to pseudocalcification, artifacts (III) Longer acquisition times
Choice A:(I) Only
Choice B:(II) Only
Choice C:(III) Only
Choice D:(I) and (II)
Choice E:(I) and (III)
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