2016 AAPM Annual Meeting
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Session Title: Key Dosimetry Data - Impact of New ICRU Recommendations
Question 1: What primary-standard instrument is used to realize air kerma from kV x-ray beams?
Reference:Burns, D. T., and Büermann, L. (2009). “Free-air ionization chambers,” Metrologia 46, S9–S23.
Choice A:Geiger counter.
Choice B:Graphite-walled cavity chamber.
Choice C:Free-air chamber.
Choice D:Farmer Chamber.
Question 2: What primary-standard instrument is used to realize air kerma from, e.g., 60Co gamma-ray beams?
Reference:Büermann, L., and Burns, D. T. (2009). “Air-kerma cavity standards,” Metrologia 46, S24–S28.
Choice A:Geiger counter
Choice B:Graphite-walled cavity chamber
Choice C:Free-air chamber
Choice D:Farmer Chamber
Question 3: What is the primary non-trivial quantity in Bethe theory of charged-particle electronic (collision) stopping power?
Reference:ICRU Report 37 (1984). Stopping Powers for Electrons and Positrons.
Choice A:Mean excitation energy of the medium
Choice B:Particle velocity
Choice C:Density of the medium
Choice D:Bloch correction
Question 4: What is the magnitude of changes in national measurement standards for 60Co air kerma due to recommendations in new ICRU Report?
Reference:ICRU Report (in press). Key Data for Ionizing-Radiation Dosimetry: Measurement Standards and Applications.
Choice A:> 10 %
Choice B:2 % to 5 %
Choice C:1 % to 2 %
Choice D:0.5 % to 0.7 %
Question 5: When was the Meter Convention signed?
Reference:BIPM; http://www.bipm.org/en/worldwide-metrology/metre-convention/ (other dates: 1895 = discovery of x-rays; 1905 = special relativity; 1867 – Confederation of Canada; 1876 – centennial of the US).
Choice A:1895
Choice B:1905
Choice C:1875
Choice D:1867
Choice E:1876
Question 6: What are the activities of the Consultative Committee on Ionising Radiation (CCRI)?
Reference:BIPM; http://www.bipm.org/en/committees/cc/ccri/#mission
Choice A:Definitions of quantities and units.
Choice B:Standards for x-ray, γ-ray, charged particle, and neutron dosimetry.
Choice C:Radioactivity measurement and SIR.
Choice D:Advice to CIPM regarding IR standards and BIPM activities.
Choice E:All of the above.
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