2019 AAPM Annual Meeting
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Session Title: Scripting Applications in Clinic, That is an Easy Button
Question 1: What are the advantages of script?
Choice A:Open source
Choice B:Easy to learn and write
Choice C:Easy to port between different operating systems
Choice D:Much faster to develop than an actual program
Choice E:All of above
Question 2: What are two approaches Eclipse script?
Reference:Varian APIs, a handbook for programming in the varian oncology software ecosystem. Eds. Joakim Pyyry and Wayne Keranen. https://varianapis.github.io/VarianApiBook.pdf
Choice A:Standalone exe and plugin script
Choice B:Visual script and plugin script
Choice C:Standalone exe and visual script
Choice D:All of above
Question 3: Scripting is currently used in large scale clinical trial to:
Choice A:Correct for contour naming inconsistency
Choice B:Remove inter-institutional contouring variability
Choice C:Flag dosimetric outliers
Choice D:Provide feedback to submitting institutions
Question 4: Data visualization platform, e.g. Tableau, is capable of:
Reference:Tableau and Varian Insightive FAQ
Choice A:Directly query Rad Onc record and verification system database
Choice B:Extract meaningful data regarding clinical operation
Choice C:Provide dashboard tools for management decision support
Choice D:All of the above
Question 5: What is physicists' role in applying scripting to clinic?
Reference:Reference: P Hill, E Ramalingam, "Data mining with eclipse scripting," Physica Medica, 32(7):955 (2016) https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ejmp.2016.05.033
Choice A:Conduct script development and programming
Choice B:Perform pre-clinical testing to ensure functionality and robustness
Choice C:Provide training and in-service for other team members
Choice D:Provide on-going support and refining of the script deployed
Choice E:All of the above
Question 6: Which of the following is NOT an option in MIM?
Reference:"mim workflow tips" 2018 MIM Software Inc., TD-456 08-15-2018
Choice A:workflow
Choice B:assistant rules
Choice C:extension using MATLAB
Choice D:extension using C#
Choice E:extension using Java
Question 7: you can use Pinnacle scripts to:
Reference:"Scripting in Pinnacle", Geometrics Corporation. 1996
Choice A:standardize and automate treatment planning
Choice B:standardize plan reporting
Choice C:plan check
Choice D:all of above
Question 8: According to Covington et al., in the 6 months after the automated Plan-Checker Tool was released at the University of Michigan, there was a ____ reduction in the number of patient delays at the treatment unit.
Reference:Plan-Checker Tool and its clinical implementation see doi: 10.1120/jacmp.v17i6.6322.
Choice A:0%
Choice B:20%
Choice C:40%
Choice D:60%
Choice E:80%
Question 9: The implementation of the automated Plan-Checker Tool at MSKCC resulted in a ____ reduction in chart checking time.
Reference:Plan-Checker Tool and its clinical implementation see doi: 10.1120/jacmp.v17i6.6322.
Choice A:0%
Choice B:20%
Choice C:40%
Choice D:60%
Choice E:80%
Question 10: Checkers are added to the Plan-Checker Tool based on suggestions from:
Reference:Plan-Checker Tool and its clinical implementation see doi: 10.1120/jacmp.v17i6.6322
Choice A:planners
Choice B:plan checkers
Choice C:the quality management team based on events entered in the institutional incident learning database
Choice D:All of the above
Choice E:None of the above
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