2022 AAPM 64th Annual Meeting
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Session Title: Medical Physics in Clinical Trials: Design, Quality Assurance, and NIH Programs
Question 1: Which of the following was NOT a predecessor of IROC
Choice A:QARC
Choice B:RPC
Choice C:ITC
Choice D:QIBA
Question 2: Which of the following advanced imaging tools are being used in NCI multicenter clinical trials?
Choice A:DW-MRI
Choice B:FES-PET
Choice C:DSC-MRI
Choice D:All of the above
Question 3: How personalized, dosimetry-based treatment planning affected median survival of hepatocellular carcinoma patients treated with Y-90 microspheres in the recent DOSISPHERE-01 trial?
Reference:Garin et al. Lancet Gastroenterol Hepatol 2021
Choice A:No significant effect
Choice B:6-month improvement
Choice C:16-month improvement
Choice D:26-month improvement
Question 4: A future platform emulating MIDRC can deliver AI-ready imaging/clinical data:
Reference:1. A Roadmap for Foundational Research on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging. From the 2018 NIH/RSNA/ACR/The Academy Workshop. Langlotz CP, Allen B, Erickson BJ, et al., Radiology 2019; 291;781-791. https://doi.org/10.1148/radiol.2019190613 A Roadmap for Translational Research on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging. From the 2018 NIH/RSNA/ACR/The Academy Workshop. Allen B, Seltzer SE, Langlotz CP, et al. Journal of The American College of Radiology 2019; 16:1179-1189.
Choice A:Only for (acute & long) COVID-19.
Choice B:Only for chest manifestations of COVID-19 or other diseases.
Choice C:Only for chest X-rays and pulmonary CT scans.
Choice D:For any organ, disease, or imaging modality
Question 5: The guidelines from the center for innovation for radiation oncology on radiotherapy and associated imaging are created by
Choice A:Physicians
Choice B:Physicists
Choice C:Clinical trialists
Choice D:All of the above
Question 6: Implementing adaptive radiation therapy (ART) into clinical trials should include rigorous benchmarking and/or credentialing of which of the following?
Reference:Glide-Hurst, C. K., Lee, P., Yock, A. D., Olsen, J. R., Cao, M., Siddiqui, F., ... & Wuthrick, E. (2021). Adaptive radiation therapy (ART) strategies and technical considerations: a state of the ART review from NRG oncology. International Journal of Radiation Oncology* Biology* Physics, 109(4), 1054-1075.
Choice A:Deformable image registration
Choice B:Contouring
Choice C:ART Workflow
Choice D:All of the above.
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