2022 AAPM 64th Annual Meeting
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Session Title: Ultrasound Performance Assessment and Quality Control
Question 1: Which of the following tests is not technically required, but can be valuable, by ACR accreditation during the annual survey of ultrasound systems?
Reference:ACR accreditation https://accreditationsupport.acr.org/support/solutions/articles/11000064162-quality-control-ultrasound-and-breast-ultrasound-revised-3-2-2021-
Choice A:Physical and Mechanical Inspection
Choice B:Uniformity and Artifact Survey
Choice C:Geometric Accuracy
Choice D:System Sensitivity
Choice E:Ultrasound Scanner Display Monitor Performance
Question 2: Which two tests typically account for the majority of failure findings in ultrasound system QC?
Reference:Hangiandreou NJ et al. Four-Year Experience with a Clinical Ultrasound Quality Control Program. Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology. 2011;37(8):1350-7.
Choice A:Uniformity/artifact survey and physical/mechanical integrity
Choice B:Uniformity/artifact survey and geometric accuracy
Choice C:System sensitivity and spatial resolution
Choice D:System sensitivity and geometric accuracy
Question 3: Which of the following is not specifically used in pulse wave Doppler mode to calculate volumetric blood flow?
Reference:Hoyt, K., F. A. Hester, R. L. Bell, M. E. Lockhart and M. L. Robbin (2009). "Accuracy of volumetric flow rate measurements: an in vitro study using modern ultrasound scanners." J Ultrasound Med 28(11): 1511-1518.
Choice A:Angle correction
Choice B:Measurement of the vessel diameter
Choice C:Estimate of mean or peak velocity
Choice D:Sample volume depth
Question 4: According to the “Ultrasound measurement of shear wave speed for estimation of liver fibrosis” QIBA profile, within what percentage of weight change over a period of 6 months for a shear-wave-speed phantom used in periodic QA is deemed to have stable properties?
Reference:Reference: QIBA Shear Wave Speed Biomarker Committee, “QIBA Profile: Ultrasound Measurement of Shear Wave Speed for Estimation of Liver Fibrosis” available at https://qibawiki.rsna.org/index.php/Ultrasound_SWS_Biomarker_Ctte (Accessed May 1, 2022)
Choice A:10%
Choice B:5%
Choice C:1%
Choice D:0.5%
Choice E:0.1%
Question 5: How often does the AAPM TG128 (Quality assurance tests for prostate brachytherapy ultrasound systems) recommend testing the needle template/electronic grid alignment for prostate brachytherapy ultrasound systems?
Reference:Pfeiffer, D., Sutlief, S., Feng, W., Pierce, H.M. and Kofler, J. (2008), AAPM Task Group 128: Quality assurance tests for prostate brachytherapy ultrasound systems. Med. Phys., 35: 5471-5489. https://doi.org/10.1118/1.3006337, Table II.
Choice A:Quarterly
Choice B:Semi-annually
Choice C:Annually
Choice D:Biennially
Question 6: What does an SNR test on ultrasound transducers tell me about my transducers?
Reference:IEC TS 62736:2016, Ultrasonics - Pulse-echo scanners - Simple methods for periodic testing to verify stability of an imaging system's elementary performance, pp 21-24
Choice A:The noise levels in the image versus depth
Choice B:The depth where noise and signal levels meet
Choice C:The signal levels in the image versus depth
Choice D:All of the above
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