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Justification Toolkit

Justification Toolkit

Inform your team leader/administrator. Use the tools below to justify your registration and travel to the AAPM Annual Meeting in Denver.

Justification Letter - How attending the Annual Meeting benefits your workplace

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Attendee Justification - Top 5 reasons the AAPM Annual Meeting offers a good ROI

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The AAPM Annual Meeting & Exhibition is the world’s largest program of scientific, educational and professional presentations and exhibits in the medical physics industry. It draws thousands of attendees.

Through symposia, panel discussions, poster presentations, workshops and more, AAPM2017 presents emerging science so that medical physicists can understand what is coming to clinics in the future and how to integrate it. The information therapy and imaging physicists will gain at AAPM2017 comes back to their facilities. AAPM attendees interact with vendors and learn about the latest technology to evaluate new equipment to inform purchasing decisions.