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View selected presentations digitally captured at the 59th Annual Meeting & Exhibition

  • Via the AAPM Virtual Library

    AAPM will host AAPM educational courses online in the AAPM Virtual Library. Selected presentations given at the Annual Meetings and other AAPM Meetings are posted in the AAPM Virtual Library. 

    AAPM plans to digitally capture the following session types at the 59th Annual Meeting for posting in the AAPM Virtual Library.  The digital capture list will be available at the Member Services Counter:
    • Continuing Education Courses
    • Symposia
    • Proffered sessions are not included in the AAPM Virtual Library.
    Posted presentations include streaming audio of speakers and presentation slides.

  • Selected presentations given during the 59th AAPM Annual Meeting and Exhibition will be available on USB Flash Drive following the meeting.
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Selected Presentations

*PLEASE NOTE: Session changes may occur. Not all presentations may be available due to speaker releases, AV problems or program changes.

Presentations to be digitally captured at the 59th Annual Meeting & Exhibition:

Sunday, July 30

  • Professional Council Symposium: Communicating with Patients: A Vital Skill for a Medical Physicist
  • Joint Council Symposium: New Opportunities for Medical Physics
  • Education Council Symposium: Future Trends in Medical Physics Education

Monday, July 31

  • President's Symposium: Connecting Our Pathways. Unifying Our Profession.
  • Personalized Electron Beam Therapy Using Custom Treatment Devices
  • Advanced Training of Medical Physicists beyond North America
  • Machine Learning in Medical Physics
  • Clinical Implementation of Pencil Beam Scanning (PBS) Proton Therapy
  • Multi-modality 4D Imaging: From Principles to Applications
  • Tailoring CT Protocols to the Patient's Age, Size, and Clinical Scenario
  • In Memoriam of Michael Sharpe: The Future of Precision in RT
  • Recent Medical Physics Practice Guidelines and Your Delivery Path
  • HDR Brachytherapy: Interstitial Treatments for GYN Panel Discussion
  • HDR Brachytherapy: Treatment Verification Methods
  • WMIS/AAPM Joint Symposium: Imaging Hypoxia
  • Deep Learning and Applications in Medical Imaging
  • MR in RT: MR Pulse Sequences and Image Acquisition (Including Radiation Therapy Applications)
  • US Guidance for RT Interventions
  • Recent Changes to the ABR MOC Process
  • MR in RT: MR Image Processing, Registration and Planning in Radiation Therapy
  • Machine Learning Role in Radiomics and Radiogenomics
  • FUTURE: Provocative Questions in Medical Physics
  • Hands-on Workshop for Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging Quality Control, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy and Ultrasound-guided Therapy
  • 2017 ICRU Gray Medal: Presentation of the Medal and Lectures by the Pioneers
  • EI DI Oh! Implementation and interpretation of the Exposure Indicator for Digital Radiography
  • Statistical Failings that Keep Us in the Dark & Practical Statistics
  • US Guided Systems for Brachytherapy

Tuesday, August 1

  • Microscopic Monte Carlo Simulations for Radiobiology Modeling: Advances and Challenges
  • Code of Ethics: Practicing Our Values
  • MR in RT: Professional Requirements for Physicists in MRI Guided Radiation Therapy
  • Inverse Optimization Meets High Performance Computing
  • QA for Modern Radiation Therapy
  • Big Data 1: Current Big Data Resources and Technology in Radiation Oncology
  • Big Data 2: New and Emerging Big Data Strategies in Radiation Oncology
  • Design for Care
  • A Concise Introduction to MRI
  • Good, Bad and Ugly of Patient Exposure and Dose Tracking
  • Identifying Image Artifacts, Their Causes, and Solutions
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound and Immunotherapy: A Primer
  • HIFU in Oncology
  • What to Do: Medical Physicist Assistants
  • Developments in Clinical Reference Dosimetry
  • Roles of In-vivo Dose Verification in Radiation Therapy
  • Best Practices in Pediatric Imaging
  • MR in RT: Implementation in RT Planning and Delivery
  • Advanced Novel Technologies & Delivery Strategies in HIFU
  • Leading From the Middle (Ticketed Event)
  • Anne and Donald Herbert Distinguished Lectureship in Modern Statistical Modeling
  • MR-guided Radiotherapy
  • Photon Counting Detectors and Their Applications in Medical Imaging
  • Compliance with AAPM, ACR, TJC Guidelines on CT Clinical Practice
  • DBT Quality Assurance: Medical Physicists Role, From Equipment Evaluation to Soft Copy Image Display
  • Therapeutic Strategies and Image Guidance in HIFU
  • Radiomics for Lung Cancer
  • New Member Symposium
  • Electronic Charting in Radiation Oncology and Integration with Hospital EMR
  • Joint Scientific Symposium with ESTRO: From Bench to Bedside Via Veterinary Radiation Oncology
  • Non-conventional Multi-source X-Ray Imaging: Cardiac, Breast Imaging and Cone Beam CT
  • 90Y-Microsphere Therapy: Emerging Trends and Future Directions
  • An Interactive Safety Session for New Brachytherapy Practitioners
  • HIFU Treatment Planning, Modeling, and Dose
  • The Future of Medical Physics in Relation to Low Dose Radiation Effects



Wednesday, August 2

  • Physicists' Roles and Workload for NCTN (National Clinical Trials Network) Clinical Trials
  • In Memoriam of Ann Wright: Panel Discussion: Promoting Diversity Through Active Mentoring
  • In Memoriam of Bob Gorson: Radiation Programs in Medical Centers
  • The Role of Physics in Long Term Epidemiological Studies of Pediatric Radiotherapy Patients
  • Optical Image-guided Surgery
  • Advanced Breast Imaging: Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Updates and Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography
  • Intra-Operative Radiotherapy (IORT): Breast and Beyond
  • From the Trenches: Implementing the Changes of the New MR QA Manual
  • Perspectives in MRI Safety for Medical Physicists
  • Performance Evaluation of Ultrasound Systems: Advanced Methods and Applications
  • The Carson/Zagzebski Distinguished Lecture on Medical Ultrasound
  • Overview of Imaging's Role in Clinical Trial (Session 1 of the Certificate Course Series)
  • Recent Advancement of Imaging Guidance in Clinical Trial (Session 2 of the Certificate Course Series)
  • The Roles and Task of Medical Physicists in Clinical Trial (Session 4 of the Certificate Course Series)
  • Professional Liability and Legal Considerations
  • Intellectual Property Law for the Medical Physicist
  • Economic Issues in Medical Physics
  • Medical Physics 3.0 in Design
  • Medical Physics 3.0 in Practice
  • In Memoriam of Michael Goitein: Milestones in Treatment Planning, Biophysical Modeling, and Delivery of Proton Therapy
  • Quantitative Imaging Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy
  • Recent Advances in Brachytherapy
  • Research Funding
  • In Memoriam of John "Jack" F. Fowler: The Mathematics of Dose-fractionation Effects
  • ROC: A New Method in Radiotherapy QA
  • Emerging and New Generation PET: Instrumentation, Technology, Characteristics and Clinical Practice
  • Low Dose CT: Where Do We Stand Now?
  • Implementation of the 2016 ACR Digital Mammography Quality Control Manual
  • Strategies for Quality Improvement Based On RO-ILS Information
  • Quantitative Multi-Energy Computed Tomography: Imaging and Therapy Advancements
  • Improving Dose Prescriptions for Safety, Reporting, and Clinical Guideline Consistency
  • Management of Radiotherapy Patients with Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices
  • Advances in Ultrasound Contrast Agents and Elastography
  • Advances in Ultrasound Imaging Technology
  • History Symposium: Radionuclide Therapy: Dr. Saul Hertz to Present
  • Ultrasound in Monitoring Treatment and Response

Thursday, August 3

  • Clinical IGRT: In-Room Imaging Technologies and Image Processing for Patient Alignment
  • Clinical IGRT: Treatment Site Uncertainties, IGRT Protocol Design and Informed Margins
  • Question Writer Workshop
  • Advancements in MRI and MR-Guided Interventions
  • Update on Task Group 270: Display Quality Assurance
  • Panel Discussion: Mentor and Mentee Roles
  • Session in Memory of Alex Turner: Medical Physics Journal Workshop: An Update On the Journal's Improvement Activities and Guidance On Writing and Reviewing Papers
  • Auto-segmentation for Thoracic Radiation Treatment Planning: A Grand Challenge
  • Joint Symposium of AAPM and ASTRO: Normal Tissue Dose-Volume Effects of Head/Neck and Liver/GI SBRT
  • Nanoparticles for Imaging and Therapy
  • Changing Paradigms for Linac QA Using EPIDS
  • Computed Tomography Imaging: From the Order to Dose Monitoring and Review
  • SRS/SBRT: Clinical Implementation and Small Volume Dose Limits in Brain/Spine
  • Diagnostic Workforce Study Report
  • Adult Learning (Andragogy) Techniques for Medical Physics
  • Best Practices for Physics Plan and Chart Review: Report of AAPM Task Group 275
  • Contour Quality Assurance and Decision Support: Implications, Issues, and the State-of-the-Art
  • How to Select and Evaluate a PET Auto-segmentation Tool - Insights from AAPM TG211