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Medical Physics 3.0 in Design

E Samei

R Miller

M Fox

M Giger

E Chin

B Whelan

E Samei1*, R Miller2*, M Fox3*, M Giger4*, E Chin5*, B Whelan6*, (1) Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, (2) Northwest Medical Physics Center, Seattle, WA, (3) Minneapolis Radiation Oncology, Minneapolis, MN, (4) University Chicago, Chicago, IL, (5) BCCA- Vancouver Island Centre, Victoria, BC, (6) University of Sydney, Sydney, AU


10:15 AM : What is Medical Physics 3.0? - E Samei, Presenting Author
10:35 AM : Leadership thru the lens of Medical Physics 3.0 - R Miller, Presenting Author
10:55 AM : Effective communication and building relationships - M Fox, Presenting Author
11:15 AM : Key attributes of scientific excellence: rigor, innovation, and relevance - M Giger, Presenting Author
11:35 AM : Educational excellence in effective dissemination of knowledge, skills, and scholarship - E Chin, Presenting Author
11:55 AM : Educational excellence in effective dissemination of knowledge, skills, and scholarship - B Whelan, Presenting Author

WE-DE-FS2-0 (Wednesday, August 2, 2017) 10:15 AM - 12:15 PM Room: Four Seasons 2

Medical physicists have the unique calling and expertise to be scientific agents of innovation and quality in the development and practice of medicine. However, this is not consistently realized to its full potential. Further, broad and profound changes in the delivery of healthcare are underway and accelerating, and our profession must urgently address these changes head-on. Medical Physics 3.0 (MP3.0) is a new initiative of the AAPM to define and promote sustainable excellence in medical physics – through education, research, and clinical practice. Given new mandates in healthcare of value-based, personalized, and evidence-based practice, MP3.0 aims to redefine and reinvigorate the role of physics in modern medicine by growing and building upon the unique skills of medical physicists. MP3.0 defines a standard and promotes a culture for physicists to engage proactively and meaningfully in medicine, and to take a scientific approach in quantification of benefit in value-based care.

This two-session symposium cuts across the scientific, educational, and professional objectives of Medical Physics 3.0 in both the imaging and therapy sub-disciplines. Session 1 (MP3.0 in design) will articulate attributes that MP3.0 physicists should aspire to, including administrative, scientific, and educational skills. Session 2 (MP3.0 in practice) offers case studies of how physicists can expertly enact, express, and enhance the quality of clinical care through expert intentional contributions to quality and safety analytics, personalization of pediatric care, direct patient care, and process improvement. Whether working in a consulting academic, research, or clinical environment, in therapy or in imaging, Medical Physics 3.0 encourages a mindset and a skill set, which are essential to realizing the vast potential of medical physics to improve human health.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand how medical physicists can advance beyond the conformance-based technology-care provider to the scientific, quality-bound healthcare professional, exercising the key attributes of rigor, innovation, and relevance.
2. Illustrate how medical physicists can be agents of change.
3. Understand the power of emotional connection and good dialogue to create conditions of safety and synergy.
4. Understand how physicists can practice scientific rigor and innovation in their developmental work.
5. Illustrate how physicists can update and enhance their teaching skills to empower and to improve human health through effective dissemination of knowledge, skills, and scholarship.


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