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Program Information

  Novel Treatment Investigations Sunday - 7/30/2017
Therapy SNAP Oral 2:05 PM - 3:00 PM Room: 205

Moderator 1: Zhifei Wen, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Paul Keall, University of Sydney

2:05 PM
SU-F-205-1 : A Method for the Generation of Treatment Plans for a Novel X-Ray Target and Collimation System (SPHINX)
S. Trovati*, E. Schueler, G. King, E. Hynning, B. Loo, P. Maxim
2:12 PM
SU-F-205-2 : A Novel Robust and Delivery-Efficient Spot Scanning Arc Therapy to Spare Hippocampus and Cochlea in Whole Brain Radiotherapy
X. Ding*, J. Zhou, K. Blas, X. Li, Y. Wang, A. Qin, C. Stevens, D. Yan, I. Grills, P. Kabolizadeh
2:19 PM
SU-F-205-3 : Commissioning of a Novel Dedicated Treatment Unit for Total Body Irradiation
J. Burmeister*, A. Nalichowski, M. Snyder, R. Halford, G. Baran, B. Loughery, J. Rakowski, T. Bossenberger
2:26 PM
SU-F-205-4 : Dosimetric Investigation of a Rotating Gamma Ray System for Intra- and Extra-Cranial SRS/SRT
C. Ma*, A. Eldib, O. Chibani, G. Mora, J. Li, L. Chen
2:33 PM
SU-F-205-5 : Novel PH Low Insertion Peptide and PEG Polymer Coated Gold Nanoparticles for Radiation Enhancement and Hyperthermia
T. Crawford*, J. Daniels, Y. Reshetnyak, O. Andreev
2:40 PM
SU-F-205-6 : Robust Radiobiological Optimization of Ion Beam Therapy with Monte Carlo Microdosimetric-Kinetic Model
J. Ma*, L. Courneyea, H. Wan Chan Tseung, C. Beltran, M. Herman, N. Remmes
2:47 PM
SU-F-205-7 : The Effect of Breast Bolus On Skin Dose for Hypofractionated Partial Breast Irradiation in An MRI-LINAC
A. Soliman*, A. Kim, S. Al-Ward, A. Sahgal, J. Lee, B. Keller
2:54 PM
SU-F-205-8 : Verification of Electron Return Effect in MR LINAC On Pediatric Patients for Whole Lung Irradiation and Bolus Effect
E. Han*, J. Shin, Z. Wen, C. Lee