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Program Information

  Dose Measurements Tuesday - 8/1/2017
Therapy Scientific Session 1:45 PM - 3:45 PM Room: 205

Moderator 1: Todd McNutt, Johns Hopkins University
Moderator 2: Mark Oldham, Duke University Medical Center

1:45 PM
TU-FG-205-1 : Absorbed-Dose Energy Dependence of EBT3 Radiochromic Film Measurements for Ru-106 Eye Plaques
J. Hansen*, W. Culberson, L. DeWerd
1:55 PM
TU-FG-205-2 : An Investigation of Patient Plan-Specific Correction Factors for An Exradin A1SL Ion Chamber in IMRT Treatments On a Medical Linear Accelerator
V. Desai*, Z. Labby, W. Culberson
2:05 PM
TU-FG-205-3 : BEST IN PHYSICS (THERAPY): Characterization of a New Type of Colloidal Quantum Dot-Based Liquid Scintillator
M. Delage*, M. Lecavalier, D. Larivière, C. Allen, L. Beaulieu
2:15 PM
TU-FG-205-4 : Cherenkov Imaging Method Allows for Stricter Commissioning Guidelines in Total Skin Electron Therapy
J. Andreozzi*, K. Mooney, P. Bruza, J. Cammin, L. Jarvis, D. Gladstone, H. Li, B. Pogue
2:25 PM
TU-FG-205-5 : Conundrum of Small Field Dosimetry: What We Have Learnt?
I. Das*, O. Volotskova, P. Francescon
2:35 PM
TU-FG-205-6 : Development of An MRI-Compatible Water Calorimeter for Absolute Dosimetry in MRLinac and Gamma Knife
A. Sarfehnia*, N. Entezari, G. Peterson, J. Renaud, H. Nusrat
2:45 PM
TU-FG-205-7 : Evaluation of Detectors for Relative Dosimetry Measurements in the Presence of a 1.5 T Magnetic Field From An MR-Linac
D. O'Brien*, J. Dolan, S. Pencea, N. Schupp, G. Sawakuchi
2:55 PM
TU-FG-205-8 : Feasibility of Real-Time Dosimetry for HDR Prostate Brachytherapy Using a Nano-Fiber Optic Detector
M. Rokni*, A. Rodrigues, B. Moore, T. Yoshizumi, O. Craciunescu
3:05 PM
TU-FG-205-9 : Modernization of the Large-Volume Extrapolation Chamber GROVEX at PTB
S. Ketelhut*, M. Meier, W. Culberson
3:15 PM
TU-FG-205-10 : Real-Time EPID & Cherenkov Imaging for 3D Dosimetry in a Water Phantom
P. Bruza*, J. Andreozzi, D. Gladstone, L. Jarvis, J. Rottmann, B. Pogue
3:25 PM
TU-FG-205-11 : Voxel-Based Dosimetry and Validation of Yttrium-90 Microsphere Therapy Using Emission Tomography Imaging
P. Potrebko*, R. Shridhar, M. Biagioli, M. Cross, T. Lazarakis, G. Andl, T. Fox
3:35 PM
TU-FG-205-12 : Optimization of An Artificial Neural Network for Photon Beam Profile Deconvolution
F. Li*, S. Lebron, J. Wu, B. Barraclough, J. Park, C. Liu, G. Yan