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Program Information

  Big Data, Deep Learning, and AI in Imaging and Radiation Oncology Tuesday - 8/1/2017
Science Council Session 1:45 PM - 3:45 PM Room: 605

Moderator 1: Maryellen Giger, University Chicago
Moderator 2: Charles Mayo, University of Michigan

1:45 PM
TU-FG-605-1 : A Multi-Objective Dynamic Bayesian Network Approach for Adaptive Personalized Radiotherapy in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
Y. Luo*, D. McShan, R. Ten Haken, I. El Naqa
1:55 PM
TU-FG-605-2 : Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Prostate Cancer Detection On Multiparametric MRI : A Transfer Learning Approach
Q. Chen*, s. Hu, X. Xu, X. Li, Q. Zou, Y. Li
2:05 PM
TU-FG-605-3 : Transfer Learning Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Rectum Toxicity Prediction in Cervical Cancer Radiotherapy
X. Zhen*, J. Chen, Z. Zhong, B. Hrycushko, L. Zhou, S. Jiang, K. Albuquerque, X. Gu
2:15 PM
TU-FG-605-4 : MRI Based Radiomics Signature, a Quantitative Prognostic Biomarker for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
X. MING*, H. Ying, R. Huang, J. Wang, W. Hu, Z. Zhang, R. Zhai, f. kong, X. Ou, C. Hu, X. He, C. Shen, X. Wang, C. Du, t. Xu
2:25 PM
TU-FG-605-5 : A Leaning-Based Approach to Generate Patient-Specific Pseudo-CT for MRI-Based Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
X. Yang, Y. Lei*, T. Liu, P. Rossi, H. Mao, H. Shim, S. Tian, W. Curran, H. Shu
2:35 PM
TU-FG-605-6 : Machine Learning for Automated Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy
I. El Naqa*, J. DeMarco, H. Al-Hallaq, J. Booth, T. Ritter, G. Kim, S. Park, R. Popple, M. Perez, K. Farrey, J. Moran
2:45 PM
TU-FG-605-7 : Deep Learning Contouring of Thoracic Organs At Risk
D. Peressutti, P. Aljabar, J. van Soest, T. Lustberg, J. van der Stoep, A. Dekker, W. van Elmpt, M. Gooding*
2:55 PM
TU-FG-605-8 : A Multilayer Perceptron Model to Predict the Seed Number for Real-Time Low-Dose Rate Prostate Brachytherapy
R. Pappafotis*, D. Nie, R. Chen, D. Shen, L. Potter, A. Price, A. Wang, J. Lian
3:05 PM
TU-FG-605-9 : Machine Learning for the Prediction of Physician Edits to Clinical Auto-Contours in the Head-And-Neck
R. McCarroll*, J. Yang, C. Cardenas, P. Balter, H. Burger, S. Dalvie, K. Kisling, M. Mejia, K. Naidoo, C. Nelson, D. Followill, C. Peterson, K. Vorster, J. Wetter, L. Zhang, B. Beadle, L. Court
3:15 PM
TU-FG-605-10 : Deep Boltzmann Machines-Driven Level Set Method for Heart Motion Tracking Using Cine MRI
J. Wu*, T. Mazur, H. Gach, N. Daniel, H. Lashmett, L. Ochoa, I. Zoberi, B. McClain, C. Lian, S. Ruan, M. Anastasio, S. Mutic, M. Thomas, H. Li
3:25 PM
TU-FG-605-11 : Deep Learning Algorithm for Auto-Delineation of High-Risk Oropharyngeal Clinical Target Volumes with Built-in Dice Similarity Coefficient Parameter Optimization Function
C. Cardenas*, R. McCarroll, L. Court, B. Elgohari, H. Elhalawani, C. Fuller, M. Jomaa, M. Meheissen, A. Mohamed, A. Rao, B. Williams, A. Wong, J. Yang, M. Aristophanous
3:35 PM
TU-FG-605-12 : A Deep Neural Network Approach for Near Real-Time Lung Tissue Elasticity Estimations From 4DCT Imaging
A. Santhanam*, K. Hasse, Y. Min, J. Neylon, D. Low