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Program Information

  Patient Safety Tuesday - 8/1/2017
Therapy Scientific Session 1:45 PM - 3:45 PM Room: 702

Moderator 1: Jennifer Lynn Johnson, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Rajeev Badkul, University of Kansas Hospital

1:45 PM
TU-FG-702-1 : A Risk Management Plan Against Cyber-Attacks in Radiation Oncology: An Emergency Plan for Continuation of Safe Treatments
B. Yi*, B. Zhang, K. Prado, S. Chen, S. Rahman, W. D'Souza
1:55 PM
TU-FG-702-2 : A Method to Detect Radiation Therapy Physician Order Errors Using Bayesian Networks
X. Chang*, H. Li, A. Kalet, D. Yang
2:05 PM
TU-FG-702-3 : Advanced Detection of Potential Errors During Patient Treatment Planning
D. Lack, J. Liang*, L. Benedetti, C. Knill, D. Yan
2:15 PM
TU-FG-702-4 : Automating the Chart Rounds: Features and Functionality of a Software Designed for Peer-Review of Radiotherapy Treatments
E. Schreibmann*, E. Elder
2:25 PM
TU-FG-702-5 : Durable Improvement in Patient Safety Culture at 5 Years with Use of High-Volume Incident Learning System
P. Hartvigson*, G. Kane, L. Jordan, A. Kusano, E. Ford
2:35 PM
TU-FG-702-6 : Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) for Eye Plaque Brachytherapy
Y. Lee*, J. Huynh, R. Hamilton, Y. Kim
2:45 PM
TU-FG-702-7 : Lessons From the Radiation Oncology Incident Learning System (RO-ILS): Early Process Errors
G. Ezzell*, B. Chera, A. Dicker, E. Ford, B. Fraass, D. Hoopes, T. Kwiatkowski, K. Lash, G. Patton, L. Potters, L. Santanam, S. Weintraub
2:55 PM
TU-FG-702-8 : Results From 15 Years of Independent Peer Review of Beam Output at More Than 2000 Academic and Non-Academic Institutions
R. Howell*, S. Smith, J. Palmer
3:05 PM
TU-FG-702-9 : Treatment Plan Complexity as a Factor of IROC Head and Neck Phantom Performance
M. Carson*, J. Kerns, S. Zhou, D. Followill, S. Kry
3:15 PM
TU-FG-702-10 : Use of a Semi-Automated Electronic Chart-Review Checklist for Identifying and Prioritizing Practice Quality Improvement Projects
E. Clouser*, D. Harrington, J. Gagneur, M. Fatyga
3:25 PM
TU-FG-702-11 : VA Radiotherapy Incident Reporting and Analysis System (RIRAS): The True Learning System
R. Kapoor*, M. Hagan, J. Palta
3:35 PM
TU-FG-702-12 : Knowledge-Based Automatic Pre-Delivery Plan Verification Using Isolation Forest
S. Liu*, Y. Fu, T. Mazur, H. Li, D. Yang