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Program Information

  Adaptive Therapy and Image Guidance Sunday - 7/30/2017
Joint Imaging-Therapy SNAP Oral 1:00 PM - 1:55 PM Room: Four Seasons 4

Moderator 1: Lei Dong, University of Pennsylvania
Moderator 2: Ning Wen, Henry Ford Health System

1:00 PM
SU-E-FS4-1 : Quantum Leap in Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Radiotherapy of Liver SBRT
I. El Naqa*, R. Ten Haken
1:07 PM
SU-E-FS4-2 : Doses to Neurovascular Bundles and Internal Pudendal Artery Defined by Magnetic Resonance Imaging Correlate Significantly with Post-RT Sexual Function of Prostate Patients Who Received Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
E. Pryser*, J. Lian, E. Schreiber, S. Das, R. Chen, T. Zhu
1:14 PM
SU-E-FS4-3 : Framework for the Quantitative Assessment of Clinical Adaptive Radiation Therapy Protocols
S. Weppler*, H. Quon, R. Banerjee, C. Schinkel, W. Smith
1:21 PM
SU-E-FS4-4 : The Relative Impact of Clinical Variables On Radiotherapy Outcome Predictions
C. Ahern, C. Berlind*, W. Lindsay, P. Gabriel, C. Simone
1:28 PM
SU-E-FS4-5 : Towards An Adaptive Radiotherapy Method (ART) Anticipating Morphological Changes Affecting Treatment Quality of Head and Neck Cancer
O. Piron*, N. Varfalvy, L. Archambault
1:35 PM
SU-E-FS4-6 : Delay Time for Optimal Contrast-Enhanced CT Scans of Liver and Pancreas Tumors
Y. Suh*, P. Park, G. Sawakuchi, S. Beddar, E. Koay, S. Krishnan, B. Minsky, C. Taniguchi, E. Holliday, J. Herman, P. Das
1:42 PM
SU-E-FS4-7 : Methods for Improving Accuracy in Interaction Vertex Imaging
D. Hymers*, D. Muecher, V. Bildstein
1:49 PM
SU-E-FS4-8 : A Knowledge-Based Radiation Therapy (KBRT) Algorithm for the Treatment-Planning of Simultaneous Integrated Boost (SIB)target Volumes
x. chen*, O. Nwankwo, D. Sihono, G. Glatting, F. Wenz