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Program Information

  Radiography/Fluorocopy Sunday - 7/30/2017
Imaging SNAP Oral 1:00 PM - 1:55 PM Room: 702

Moderator 1: Stephen Rudin, University at Buffalo
Moderator 2: Kai Yang, Massachusetts General Hospital

1:00 PM
SU-E-702-1 : Preliminary Analysis of AAPM TG 251 - Survey of Pediatric Fluoroscopic Exposure Rates
U. Mahmood*, S. Brady, S. McKenney, C. Willis, V. Patel, I. Bercha, N. Kasraie, M. Aljallad, C. Dodge, D. Kim, K. Buckley, T. Cummings, A. Kuhls-Gilcrist, D. Jordan, L. Dauer, K. Strauss
1:07 PM
SU-E-702-2 : AAPM TG-252 Preliminary Survey: Current State of Radiographic Techniques in Pediatric Imaging
D. Kim*, R. MacDougall, C. Dodge, S. Brady, L. Rill, A. Sanchez, I. Bercha
1:14 PM
SU-E-702-3 : Scattered Radiation Dose-Rate Distribution Around An Interventional C-Arm Fluoroscope and Variation with Exposure Parameters
C. Guo*, Z. Xiong, S. Vijayan, S. Rudin, D. Bednarek
1:21 PM
SU-E-702-4 : Patient Specific Fluoroscopic Skin Dose Maps From Volume Rendered CT Images
M. DeLorenzo*, K. Yang, X. Li, B. Liu
1:28 PM
SU-E-702-5 : Real-Time, Image-Frame-Specific Magnification Factor Determination During Fluoroscopically-Guided Interventions
P. Choudhary*, S. Vijayan, B. Karthikeyan, Z. Xiong, S. Rudin, D. Bednarek
1:35 PM
SU-E-702-6 : An Analytical Approach for Estimating Angular Change of a C-Arm Fluoroscope Necessary to Provide Discrete X-Ray Fields at the Plane of Patient Skin in Fluoroscopically Guided Interventions
A. Zhao*, A. Zhao, K. Wunderle
1:42 PM
SU-E-702-7 : Comparison of 50 μm and 75 μm Pixel Pitch Indirect CMOS Detectors for Use in Neuro-Endovascular Image Guided Interventions
M. Russ*, A. Shankar, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin