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Program Information

  John R. Cameron Young Investigator Symposium Monday - 7/31/2017
Young Investigator Symposium 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM Room: Four Seasons 4

Moderator 1: Mary Martel, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Maryellen Giger, University Chicago

7:30 AM
MO-AB-FS4-1 : Label-Free Nanoscale Photoacoustic Tomography (nPAT) for Single Cell Imaging
P. Samant*, A. Hernandez, S. Conklin, K. Frazer, L. Xiang
7:42 AM
MO-AB-FS4-2 : A Pre-Clinical Study of Radiation-Induced Lung Toxicity When Treating in a Strong Magnetic Field
A. Rubinstein*, C. Peterson, C. Kingsley, J. Pollard, R. Tailor, D. Followill, A. Melancon, L. Court
7:54 AM
MO-AB-FS4-3 : Direct Measurement of a Change in Biological Damage Between Low and High Energy X-Ray Beams Using a Novel DNA Dosimeter
K. McConnell*, X. Li, M. Obeidat, N. Kirby, E. Shim
8:06 AM
MO-AB-FS4-4 : Improved Single-Scan Dual-Energy CT Using Primary Modulation
M. Petrongolo*, L. Zhu
8:18 AM
MO-AB-FS4-5 : Inverse-Geometry CT with a Rotating C-Arm: Implementation On the Scanning Beam Digital X-Ray System
J. Slagowski*, M. Speidel
8:30 AM
MO-AB-FS4-6 : Low Dose CBCT Reconstruction Via Prior Contour Based Total Variation Regularization (PCTV)
Y. Chen*, F. Yin, Y. Zhang, L. Ren
8:42 AM
MO-AB-FS4-7 : Mask-Free Three-Dimensional Digital Subtraction Angiography (3D-DSA) Using a Convolutional Neural Networks-Based Deep-Learning Method
J. Montoya*, Y. Li, C. Strother, G. Chen
8:54 AM
MO-AB-FS4-8 : Towards Patient-Specific Treatment Planning of External Beam Radiotherapy Involving Radiosensitizers Using Nuclear Medicine Imaging
D. Adam*, A. Besemer, I. Marsh, K. Kloepping, L. Hall, J. Grudzinski, J. Weichert, M. Otto, B. Bednarz
9:06 AM
MO-AB-FS4-9 : Development of a Motion-Robust 4D-MRI Technique Based On a Golden-Ratio Optimized Sparse Acquisition and Spatiotemporal-Constrained Sorting
C. Wang*, F. Yin, Z. Chang, J. Cai
9:18 AM
MO-AB-FS4-10 : First Cardiac Radiosurgery MLC Tracking Results
S. Lydiard*, V. Caillet, S. Ipsen, R. O'Brien, R. Bruder, O. Blanck, J. Booth, P. Keall