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Program Information

  MRI Tuesday - 8/1/2017
Imaging Scientific Session 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM Room: 601

Moderator 1: John Hazle, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: Yuxiang Zhou, Mayo Clinic at Arizona

11:00 AM
TU-D-601-1 : A Novel Dynamic Profile-Driven 4D-MRI Reconstruction Method
D. Lee*, S. Kim, J. Palta, P. Keall, T. Kim
11:10 AM
TU-D-601-2 : Development of Novel Pelvic End-To-End (PETE) Phantom for MR-Only Radiotherapy: Patient-Informed Design Considerations
J. Cunningham*, J. Miller, E. Barberi, C. Glide-Hurst
11:20 AM
TU-D-601-3 : Early Assessment of Treatment Response in Sarcoma Utilizing MR Elastography (MRE) and Dynamic-Contrast Enhanced (DCE) MRI
K. Pepin*, R. Grimm, S. Kargar, S. James, M. Howe, K. Fritchie, M. Frick, D. Wenger, R. Ehman, K. McGee, N. Laack, M. Herman, D. Pafundi
11:30 AM
TU-D-601-4 : Platform for MRI Quality Control, Automated Image Analysis, and Monitoring
J. Wilson*, S. Robertson, E. Samei
11:40 AM
TU-D-601-5 : Respiratory Motion-Resolved, Self-Gated 4D-MRI Using Rotating Cartesian K-Space (ROCK): Initial Clinical Experience On An MRI-Guided Radiotherapy System
F. Han*, Z. Zhou, D. Du, Y. Gao, M. Cao, N. Shaverdian, J. Hegde, M. Steinberg, P. Lee, A. Raldow, D. Low, K. Sheng, Y. Yang, P. Hu
11:50 AM
TU-D-601-6 : T2-Weighted 4D-MRI Using An Isotropic 3D Data Acquisition and Retrospective K-Space Binning
Z. Deng*, A. Christodoulou, W. Yang, X. Bi, J. Shaw, B. Fraass, R. Tuli, D. Li, Z. Fan
12:00 PM
TU-D-601-7 : MR-Based Motion Correction in Coronary 18F-Fluoride PET Imaging Using Simultaneous PET-MR
Y. Petibon*, M. Wilks, C. Ma, C. Huang, M. Lu, M. Zanni, S. Grinspoon, J. Ouyang, G. El Fakhri