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Program Information

  CT Dose Thursday - 8/3/2017
Imaging Scientific Session 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Room: 601

Moderator 1: Shuai Leng, Mayo Clinic
Moderator 2: Timothy Szczykutowicz, University Wisconsin-Madison

1:00 PM
TH-EF-601-1 : BEST IN PHYSICS (IMAGING): A Channelized Hotelling Observer Model-Based Image Quality Survey of Routine Abdomen Protocols On a Diverse Fleet of CT Scanners
C. Favazza*, A. Ferrero, S. Dirks, J. Weaver, L. Yu, S. Leng, C. McCollough
1:10 PM
TH-EF-601-2 : A Monte Carlo Study to Determine SSDE Coefficients for Pediatric Head CT (TG-293)
A. Hernandez*, J. Boone
1:20 PM
TH-EF-601-3 : CT Dose in Pregnancy: Organ Dose and Fetal Dose Under Various Gestational Ages and Maternal Sizes
W. Fu*, P. Segars, A. Kapadia, E. Samei
1:30 PM
TH-EF-601-4 : Determining Size-Specific Dose Estimates for Head CT Examinations
A. Hardy*, M. Bostani, M. Zankl, C. McCollough, C. Cagnon, M. McNitt-Gray
1:40 PM
TH-EF-601-5 : Efficient and Quantitative Measurement of Task-Based Image Quality Metrics in CT
S. Dirks*, L. Yu, T. Vrieze, C. Favazza, A. Ferrero, S. Leng, J. Weaver, C. McCollough
1:50 PM
TH-EF-601-6 : From DRL to NRL: A First Step Toward Quality-Based Reference Level
F. Ria*, J. Davis, J. Solomon, J. Wilson, D. Frush, E. Samei
2:00 PM
TH-EF-601-7 : Generating K-Factors to Estimate Effective Dose for CT Exams That Account for Patient Size and Tube Current Modulation
A. Hardy*, K. McMillan, M. Bostani, M. Zankl, C. McCollough, C. Cagnon, M. McNitt-Gray
2:10 PM
TH-EF-601-8 : Impact of Focal Spot and Detector Rotation On Spatial Resolution in MDCT
A. Budde*, J. Hsieh, G. Chen
2:20 PM
TH-EF-601-9 : Influence of Tube Current Modulation On Noise Statistics of Reconstructed Images in Low-Dose Lung Cancer CT Screening
J. Hoffman*, F. Noo, M. McNitt-Gray
2:30 PM
TH-EF-601-10 : Methodology for Establishing CT Dose Monitoring Alert Levels as a Function of Patient Size for Protocols Using Tube Current Modulation
K. Krugh*, S. Gallo
2:40 PM
TH-EF-601-11 : Organ Dose Estimation Accuracy Using a Modified SSDE for CT Examination in a Pediatric Population
N. Deaton, R. Kaufman, E. Somasundaram, S. Brady*
2:50 PM
TH-EF-601-12 : The Impact of the Lesion Size and Dose On the Low Contrast Enhancement Using Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction for Variable Pediatric Patient Sizes in Abdominal CT
Y. Zhou*, J. Nute, A. Scott, C. Lee, C. Kim