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Points of Interest

The New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau has a comprehensive page for visitors. For some points of interest in New Orleans, visit the links below:

Dining in New Orleans:

It is an indisputable fact that no place loves its food quite as sincerely - or as indulgently - as New Orleans. Some people eat to live, but New Orleanians live to eat. As a result, the city offers one of the most incredible - and incredibly diverse - concentrations of exceptional dining and unforgettable cuisine in the world.

In New Orleans, food is an art form and chefs are rock stars. And with more than 1,400 restaurants to choose from, everyone is sure to find meals to make their taste buds sing.

Link to some New Orleans Restaurants

Restaurants in the Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel:

Drago's Seafood - Drago's, a New Orleans dining institution, offers an extensive seafood menu, including signature dishes such as Drago's Original Charbroiled Oysters and Mama Ruth's Gumbo..

Public Belt - A fine piano bar serving craft cocktails, unique wines and select beers

River Blends Cafe - Enjoy a quick breakfast, a cup of coffee, espresso, or latte or a deli sandwich in River Blends Café, our on-site coffee house proudly serving Starbucks Coffee.

Spirits - Excite your palate with mouth-watering New Orleans style samplings, or simply enjoy the "Delta Breeze" and the wide assortment of cocktails, wine, and beer Spirits has to offer.

Le Croissant - Start your day off at Le Croissant, which features the "Hilton Breakfast".

Crescent City Marketplace - Your "grocery store" while you're here, stocked with beer, wine, liquor, water, soda, fruit, snacks, Chef's "to go" creations, Starbuck's coffee and more. You'll also find unique New Orleans snacks and gifts, from Zapp's potato chips and Hubig's pies to local art.