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Ad Hoc Committee on Nominating
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The group shall:

  • Evaluate relevant statements in teh AAPM by-laws, i.e. Section 10 - Nominating Committee.
  • Identify other professional organizations with similar governance structures and reference their nominations process (e.g. ACR).
  • Assess the membership of the nominating committee and how it is formed.  
  • Consider the historical results of nominations and election results for members-at-large and AAPM Executive Committee (nomination origin, institution type, professional degree, area of interest in the AAPM, diversity, etc.).
  • Investigate the perceived or actual bias created by the current nominating procedure for the AAPM Officers and Board Members-at-Large.  
  • Evaluate the need for modifications to nomination process to ensure an unbiased election process.  
  • Assess the effectiveness of nominations from the AAPM community for AAPM Officers and Board Members-at-Large.  
  • Prepare
Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Approved Date(s)Start: 10/3/2013
Committee Keywords: AHCN
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Ad Hoc Committee on Nominating  [Status]
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Barry Wessels
Committee Chair

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There are 7 members and guests.
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Kristy K. Brock, PhD

10/24/2013  Member -
Jeffrey A. Garrett, MS

10/24/2013  Member -
John P. Gibbons Jr., PhD

10/24/2013  Member - Parliamentarian (ex officio)
Maryellen L. Giger, PhD

10/24/2013  Member -
Daniel C. Pavord, MS

10/24/2013  Member -
Barry W. Wessels, PhD

10/1/2013  Committee Chair -
Gerald A. White Jr., MS

10/24/2013  Member -

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