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Task Group No. 170 Measurement of the Spatiotemporal Image Noise-Power Spectrum in Fluoroscopy
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This Task Group is charged with developing standard methods for measuring the noise-power spectrum (NPS) of spatiotemporal x-ray imaging (e.g., x-ray fluoroscopy), emphasizing practical experimental methodology that is:

(a) applicable to a broad range of spatiotemporal imaging technologies (e.g., x-ray image intensifiers and flat-panel detectors), and

(b) mindful of general, theoretical considerations regarding the multi-dimensional image NPS as described by the parent Working Group, including:

  • dimensionality and normalization of the resulting 3D (spatiotemporal)NPS
  • factors affecting correlation in spatiotemporal image data (e.g., image lag)
  • extension to analysis of the 3D (spatiotemporal) noise-equivalent quanta (NEQ).

A Task Group Report will be produced to communicate practical standards for spatiotemporal NPS measurement. Sample code implementing methods is highly recommended.

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Approved Date(s)Start: 12/11/2007
End: 12/31/2014
Committee Keywords: TG170
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TG170 Measurement of the Spatiotemporal Image Noise-Power Spectrum in Fluoroscopy [Status]
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