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Task Group No. 182 AAPM Recommendations on Electronic Brachytherapy Quality Management

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1. Review the manufacturers suggested QA.
2. Develop a rational, risk-based set of QM procedures, both for the treatment units and for patient treatment plans, including techniques, frequencies and tolerances, and statements on required training, connectivity with computer networks and on licensing and regulations.  The report should cover all anatomical sites and treatment facilities.
3. Suggest designs for needed tools that do not yet exist.
4. Suggest quality improvement procedures.
Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Approved Date(s)Start: 11/6/2008
End: 8/31/2016
Committee Keywords: TG182
Most recent status update:The TG has finished the analyses and is currently writing the draft report. - [5/11/2016 by Bruce Thomadsen] Click to update.

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