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Task Group No. 200 - CT Dosimetry Phantoms and the implementation of AAPM Report Number 111
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This task group is charged with implementing the methodology of the report of TG111, The future of CT Dosimetry, into practical recommendations for the acceptance and subsequent periodic testing of computed tomography machines. Included in the tasks are the design of phantoms and the development of testing methodology.

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Approved Date(s)Start: 3/16/2010
End: 12/31/2014
Committee Keywords: TG200
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TG200 - CT Dosimetry Phantoms and the implementation of AAPM Report Number 111  [Status]
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Donovan Bakalyar
Task Group Chair

Members - 2014 Roster

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There are 23 members and guests.
Erin Angel, PhD

11/8/2012  Member -
Donovan M. Bakalyar, PhD

4/20/2010  Task Group Chair -
Kirsten Lee Boedeker, PhD

4/20/2010  Member -
John M. Boone, PhD

4/20/2010  Member -
Kish Chakrabarti, PhD

4/20/2010  Member -
Huaiyu Heather Chen-Mayer, PhD

2/23/2011  Member -
Dianna D. Cody, PhD

4/20/2010  Member -
Robert L. Dixon, PhD

4/20/2010  Member -
Wenzheng Feng, MS

9/22/2011  Member -
Iacovos S. Kyprianou, PhD

4/20/2010  Member -
Shuai Leng, DPhil

9/22/2011  Member -
Sarah E. McKenney, PhD

10/27/2011  Member - (nonvoting)
Michael F. McNitt-Gray, PhD

4/20/2010  Member -
Richard L. Morin, PhD

4/20/2010  Member -
J. Thomas (Tom) Payne, PhD

4/20/2010  Member -
Robert J. Pizzutiello Jr., FACR, MS

4/20/2010  Member -
Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen, PhD

4/20/2010  Member -
Thomas W. Slowey PE, BEEE

4/20/2010  Member -
Keith J. Strauss, MSc

4/20/2010  Member -
Paul Sunde

11/10/2011  Member - (nonvoting)
Thomas L. Toth

4/20/2010  Member - (nonvoting)
Stephen A. Vastagh, MBA

4/20/2010  Member - (nonvoting)
Zhitong Yang, PhD

4/20/2010  Member -

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