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Task Group No. 254 Inter-fraction Residual uncertainties in IGRT
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This report will establish terminology, and will identify general and specific approaches to assessing uncertainties and calculating treatment margins, as detailed above. Note, the proposed TG will focus on inter-fraction uncertainties

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Approved Date(s)Start: 10/3/2013
End: 1/1/1900
Committee Keywords: TG254
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TG254 Inter-fraction Residual uncertainties in IGRT Inter-fraction Residual uncertainties in IGRT [Status]
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Laurence Edward Court
Task Group Chair

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Jean-Pierre Bissonnette, PhD

10/3/2013  Member -
Laurence Edward Court, PhD

10/3/2013  Task Group Chair -
Sonja . Dieterich, PhD

10/3/2013  Member -
Lei . Dong, PhD

10/3/2013  Member -
Katja M. Langen, PhD

10/3/2013  Member -
Dale Michael Lovelock, PhD

10/3/2013  Member -
Nikos Papanikolaou, PhD

10/3/2013  Member -
Emilie T. Soisson, PhD

10/3/2013  Member -
Jan-Jakob Sonke

10/3/2013  Member - (nonvoting)
Timothy J. Waldron, MS

10/3/2013  Member -

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