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Task Group No. 267 - Biophysical models and tools for the planning and evaluation of selected brachytherapy modalities

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  1. Review existing biophysical models/model parameters and their use in the evaluation of selected brachytherapy modalities (educational).
  2. Evaluate critically the underlying assumptions, range of applicability and limitation of each biophysical model (scientific and clinical).
  3. Summarize and select by critical evaluation the model parameters in terms of data source, disease site, and inherent uncertainty (scientific and clinical).
  4. Demonstrate proper use of biophysical models through 3-5 specific brachytherapy examples.
  5. Recommend guidelines for implementation, testing and use of biophysical models in the selected modalities (recommendations).
  6. Recommend the information/data to be included when reporting results of biophysical model analysis for brachytherapy (recommendations).
Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Approved Date(s)Start: 9/25/2014
End: 12/31/2018
Committee Keywords: TG267
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TG267 - Biophysical models and tools for the planning and evaluation of selected brachytherapy modalities [Status]
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Zhe (Jay) Chen
Task Group Chair

2018 Roster

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VOTING AppointmentsThere are 11 members and guests.
Zhe (Jay) Chen, PhD

9/24/2014  Task Group Chair
Christian Kirisits, DSc

12/5/2016  Member
X. Allen Li, PhD

7/1/2016  Task Group Vice Chair
Ravinder Nath, PhD

9/25/2014  Member
Mark J. Rivard, PhD

9/25/2014  Member
Bruce R. Thomadsen, PhD

9/25/2014  Member
Marco Zaider, PhD

1/1/2017  Member
NON-VOTING Appointments
David J. Brenner, PhD

7/1/2016  Consultant (nonvoting)
Peter Hoskin, M.D.

12/5/2016  Member (nonvoting)
Michael C. Joiner, PhD

9/24/2014  Member (nonvoting)
Taran Paulsen Hellebust, PhD

12/5/2016  Member (nonvoting)

None Appointed