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Website Editorial Board
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ChargeAdvise and assist the Website Editor with the following tasks:
  • Establish overall goals and policies for the website.
  • Assist and coordinate the web presence of committees and other entities of the AAPM.
  • Review suggestions regarding the website.
  • Implement periodic redesign of the website or portions of the website consistent with overall goals and policies.
  • Ensure that web postings are appropriate in content and in placement.
  • Resolve issues of dispute related to content and placement.
  • Establish procedures to ensure that postings remain appropriate in content and in placement.
  • Monitor web traffic.
  • Develop and maintain related statistics.
Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Approved Date(s)Start: 8/6/2008
Committee Keywords: WEBSC

George Kagadis
Committee Chair

Members - 2014 Roster

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There are 14 members and guests.
Christos . Alexakos, MSc

9/30/2013  Member - (nonvoting)
Ishtiaq H. Bercha, MSc

9/30/2013  Member -
Charles D. Bloch, PhD

9/30/2013  Member -
Jostin B. Crass, DMP

9/30/2013  Member -
Graham Gilson, DMP

9/30/2013  Member -
Eric G. Hendee, MS

9/30/2013  Member -
George C. Kagadis, PhD

6/1/2013  Committee Chair -
Christopher H. Marshall, PhD

9/30/2013  Consultant - (nonvoting)
Dimitris N. Mihailidis, PhD

9/30/2013  Member -
David A. Scaduto, MS

9/30/2013  Member - (nonvoting)
Carter B. Schroy, PhD

9/30/2013  Member -
Yunhong . Shu, PhD

9/30/2013  Member -
Benjamin J. Sintay, PhD

9/30/2013  Member -
Perry Sprawls, PhD

7/1/2013  Member -

Staff Assigned to Committee - 2014 Roster

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There are 1 staff.
Khan, Farhana R. 

7/28/2008  AAPM Staff - Assistant Director of Information Services - (nonvoting)