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MPPG Report 3.b - AAPM medical physics practice guideline 3.b.: Levels of supervision for medical physicists in clinical training (2021)

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The purpose of this practice guideline is to address the levels of supervision necessary for the clinical training of medical physics students, residents, and medical physicists-in-training. During the training of these individuals, it is often necessary or desirable for them to perform functions generally performed by Qualified Medical Physicists (QMPs). In such circumstances, the individuals performing these functions must be appropriately supervised and the scope of the functions to be performed must be carefully defined. This document does not address the supervision of medical physicist assistants or medical physics extenders, that is, positions not intended to provide a path to becoming a QMP.

Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics

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Douglas E. Pfeiffer, Hania A. Al-Hallaq, Per H. Halvorsen, Kristi Hendrickson, Zheng Feng Lu, Melissa Carol Martin, Beth A. Schueler, Jillian D. Shuman, Jacqueline Esthappan Zoberi

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