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AAPM Newsletter

Jessica Clements, EditorThe AAPM Newsletter is a source of information focusing on AAPM activities and items of interest to AAPM members. AAPM members login to access AAPM Newsletter content. It contains timely information and serves as a forum for lively debate. Published as a bi-monthly website, it is made available to over 8,000 members and affiliates.

The AAPM Newsletter is comprised of regular articles and activity reports from AAPM officers, including the President, Chairman of the Board, and the Treasurer, as well as periodic communications from various committee chairpersons. Also featured are pertinent articles from AAPM’s Executive Director and Government Relations Program Manager. In addition, each issue focuses on a particular Special Interest Group with content provided by various AAPM working groups and subcommittees. AAPM encourages its members to submit items of interest, including photographs whenever possible, to the editor for consideration. Moreover, a limited number of AAPM non-profit and corporate affiliate only advertisements are included in each edition of the AAPM Newsletter, providing readers with timely information on important products, services, and events.

For additional information about the AAPM Corporate Affiliate Newsletter Advertising specifications, please click here.

The Editor reviews all advertisements and submissions to be considered for publication.

AAPM Headquarters
Nancy Vazquez, Programs Manager
1631 Prince Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(571) 298-1236
Jessica Clements, Editor
Chief Physicist
Kaiser Permanente
4580 Electronics Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90039

General Article Guidelines:

Submission Uploads: Please upload all content to the DropBox link provided next to each issue in the table below. If you do not have access to DropBox, please forward your submission to Nancy Vazquez for inclusion.

Article length: We request that articles be kept between 750 (~1 page length) - 1500 (~2 page lengths) words. If you need additional space for a particular article, please contact the editor, Jessica Clements, ahead of time so that space can be reserved.

Photographs: The submission of photographs is highly encouraged. Please include a detailed caption with each photo sent and we will do our best to include all photographs.

Highlighted text: In each issue we like to "highlight" certain text from each article to draw the reader's attention. If there is particular sentence that you feel is important and worthy of highlighting, please let us know when you send your article, otherwise it will be done at the editorial discretion.

2019 Article submission deadline schedule is as follows:

Issue Deadline for Receipt Submission Upload Link Available
January/February December 7 Submission Closed week of January 7
March/April February 8 Submission Closed week of March 4
May/June April 5 Submit for May/June week of April 29
July/August June 7 (pre AAPM Annual Meeting issue) Submit for July/August week of July 1
September/October August 9 (post AAPM Annual Meeting issue) Submit for Sept/Oct week of September 2
November/December October 11 Submit for Nov/Dec week of November 4