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MPPG Report 7.a - AAPM medical physics practice guideline 7.a.: Supervision of medical physicist assistants (2020)

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The design and management of a medical physics practice within a healthcare organization must be principally the responsibility of a Qualified Medical Physicist (QMP). Taking into account local circumstances and resources, there may be certain tasks within the program that the QMP determines can be assigned to a Medical Physicist Assistant (MPA) under the QMP's supervision as described in AAPM Professional Policy 29.1 Such assignment does not absolve the QMP of legal, ethical or other professional responsibility for the quality of the medical physics practice. The assigned task is in all ways the responsibility of the QMP.

Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics

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Keywords: medical physicist assistant, medical physics practice guidelines, MPA supervision, QMP-MPA ratios, qualified medical physicist

J. Anthony Seibert, Anthony P. Blatnica, Jessica Clements, Per H. Halvorsen, Michael G. Herman, Jennifer Lynn Johnson, Beth A. Schueler, Melissa Carol Martin, Jatinder R. Palta, Douglas E. Pfeiffer, Robert J. Pizzutiello, Joann I. Prisciandaro, George W. Sherouse

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