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Report No. 161 - I - Management of Persons Contaminated With Radionuclides: Handbook
II - Management of Persons Contaminated With Radionuclides: Scientific and Technical Bases (2008) This is a members only link.

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NCRP Report No. 161, Management of Persons Contaminated with Radionuclides, provides guidance to those who may be called to respond to radionuclide contamination incidents. Such incidents may range from situations in which one or a few persons have received minor contamination while working in research, medical facilities, or industry to those in which large numbers of people are contaminated as a result of accidental or deliberate releases of large quantities of radionuclides. The focus of this Report is on the medical management of individuals exposed to and potentially contaminated with radionuclides in such incidents. Thus, it is directed to persons who would provide medical care and those who would perform radiation-safety functions. This Report is an update and expansion of NCRP Report No. 65, Management of Persons Accidentally Contaminated with Radionuclides.

This publication includes the both part I and II of Report No. 161 on Management of Persons Contaminated with Radionuclides, which has been published by NCRP as a two-volume series. Volume 1 of Report No. 161 is a Handbook to assist responders to radionuclide contamination incidents. Volume 1 (Section 1 through 15) contains quick reference information needed by emergency responders, recommendations for onsite and prehospital, treatment of contaminated patients at a medical facility, and post-hospital follow-up of patients and contamination control in handling decedents. Volume 2 (Sections 16 through 22 and Appendices A to J) of Report No. 161 contains extensive information on the Scientific and Technical Bases for the guidance provided in Volume 1. Included are a detailed presentation on the radiobiology of internally-deposited radionuclides, a discussion of sources of potential contamination in both planned (e.g., medical or industrial) and unplanned (e.g., nuclear accidents or acts of terrorism) settings, roles and responsibilities of responders to incidents involving radionuclide contamination, extensive dosimetry and case studies for radionuclides of 24 important chemical elements, and guidance on dose assessment methodologies.

ISBN-13: 978-0-929600-99-4

Executive Director: DA Schauer

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Keywords: radionuclides, contamination
Scientific Committee:
William J Bair, Chairman

Wesley E. Bolch
William E. Dickerson
Keith F. Eckerman
Ronald E. Goans
P. Andrew Karam
Richard W. Leggett
Joyce L. Lipsztein
Michael G. Stabin
Albert L. Wiley

Bryce D. Breitenstein, Jr.
Eugene H. Carbaugh
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