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Report No. 084 - General Concepts For The Dosimetry Of Internally Deposited Radionuclides (1985) This is a members only link.

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This Report is a necessary, formal update of the positions held and recommendations made in the 1959 NCRP report on internal emitters (NCRP, 1959), including a review of the evolution of internal emitter protection practices in the US over the past two decades. The new ICRP methods of calculating radiation doses from internally deposited radionuclides are accepted as a conceptual basis for future standards, but with significant reservations as to specific application. The models employed by ICRP for dosimetry, deposition, transport, and anatomical parameters are adopted as generally superior to those recommended by NCRP in 1959. However, some deficiencies in these models are identified. This Report is organized into four further sections. Section 3 deals with primary concepts, reviewing their evolution and stating the position of NCRP on these concepts, particularly as it may coincide with, or differ from, that of the ICRP. Section 4 considers the output of the system - the forms of expression of internal emitter standards, and the manner in which these standards are properly used. Section 5 considers in some detail the deposition, metabolism, and anatomical models which form the basis for an internal dose calculation system. The evolution of current ICRP models is traced, and areas of needed improvement and limitations on NCRP acceptance of these models are identified. Section 6 identifies research needs and Section 7 presents a concise qualitative statement of present NCRP thought on control of internal exposure. Appendices include a consideration of the effect of dosage regimes on the radionuclide content of tissue, information on the central concepts of the new ICRP dose limitation system as they relate to control of internal emitters, the new ICRP methods for calculating doses to tissues from internally deposited radionuclides, and a list of the NCRP task groups contributing to this Report. It is also pertinent to emphasize what this Report does not contain. It does not contain a detailed quantitative NCRP system for control of internal exposure; this is being developed as part of a general system encompassing both internal and external irradiation, and will be the subject of a separate report. It also does not contain numerical limits for control of exposure to radionuclides or specific recommendations for evaluation of individual exposures.
Scientific Committee:
J. Newell Stannard, Chairman

John A. Auxier
William J. Bair
Patricia W. Durbin
Keith J. Eckerman
Roger O. McClellan
Paul E. Morrow
Robert A. Schlenker
Roy C. Thompson
Ian T. Higgins, Consultant
Chester R. Richmond, Consultant
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