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Report No. 103 - AAPM Task Group 103 report on peer review in clinical radiation oncology physics (2005)

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This report provides guidelines for a peer review process between two clinical radiation oncology physicists. While the Task Groupís work was primarily fo- cused on ensuring timely and productive independent reviews for physicists in solo practice, these guidelines may also be appropriate for physicists in a group setting, particularly when dispersed over multiple separate clinic locations. To en- sure that such reviews enable a collegial exchange of professional ideas and productive critique of the entire clinical physics program, the reviews should not be used as an employee evaluation instrument by the employer. Such use is neither intended nor supported by this Task Group. Detailed guidelines are presented on the minimum content of such reviews, as well as a recommended format for re- porting the findings of a review. In consideration of the full schedules faced by most clinical physicists, the process outlined herein was designed to be completed in one working day.

Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, [S.l.], v. 6, n. 4, nov. 2005

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Keywords: Radiation Oncology Physics, Peer Review, quality Assurance
Professional Information and Clinical Relations Committee Task Group #103

Per H. Halvorsen, Indra J. Das, Martin Fraser, Jay Freedman, Robert E. Rice III, Geoffrey S. Ibbott, E. Ishmael Parsai, T. Tydings Robin Jr., Bruce R. Thomadsen

Committee Responsible: Professional Council

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