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Report No. 013 - Physical Aspects of Quality Assurance in Radiation Therapy (1984)

Category: Reports

Quality assurance in radiation therapy includes those procedures that ensure a consistent and safe fulfillment of the dose prescription to the target volume, with minimal dose to norma1 tissues and minimal exposure to personnel.

ISBN: 978-0-883184-57-8

Keywords: Quality Assurance, Radiation Therapy, Treatment Planning, Brachytherapy, Radiation Safety
Radiation Therapy Committee Task Group #24, with contribution from Task Group #22

Goran K. Svensson, Norman A. Baily, Robert Loevinger, Robert J. Morton, Robert F. Moyer, James A. Purdy, Robert J. Shalek, Peter Wootton, Kenneth A. Wright, William F. Hanson, Lowell L. Anderson, C. Clifton Ling, Kenneth A. Strubler, Arnold Feldman, Douglas Jones, C. J. Karzmark, Edwin C. McCullough, N. Suntharalingam

Committee Responsible: Quality Assurance and Outcome Improvement Subcommittee

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