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Report No. 147 - Quality assurance for nonradiographic radiotherapy localization and positioning systems: Report of Task Group 147 (2012)

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New technologies continue to be developed to improve the practice of radiation therapy. As several of these technologies have been implemented clinically, the Therapy Committee and the Quality Assurance and Outcomes Improvement Subcommittee of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine commissioned Task Group 147 to review the current nonradiographic technologies used for localization and tracking in radiotherapy. The specific charge of this task group was to make recommendations about the use of nonradiographic methods of localization, specifically; radiofre- quency, infrared, laser, and video based patient localization and monitoring systems. The charge of this task group was to review the current use of these technologies and to write quality assurance guidelines for the use of these technologies in the clinical setting. Recommendations include testing of equipment for initial installation as well as ongoing quality assurance. As the equipment included in this task group continues to evolve, both in the type and sophistication of technology and in level of integration with treatment devices, some of the details of how one would conduct such testing will also continue to evolve. This task group, therefore, is focused on providing recom- mendations on the use of this equipment rather than on the equipment itself, and should be adapta- ble to each user’s situation in helping develop a comprehensive quality assurance program.

Medical Physics, 39, 1728-1747 (2012)
ISBN: 978-1-936366-14-9

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Keywords: Quality Assurance, Localization, Radiation Therapy, Optical Tracking, Electromagnetic Tracking
Working Group on Recommendations for Radiotherapy External Beam Quality Assurance Task Group #147

Twyla Willoughby, Joerg Lehmann, Jose A. Bencomo, Shirish K. Jani, Lakshmi Santanam, Anil Sethi, Timothy D. Solberg, Wolfgang A. Tomé, Timothy J. Waldron

Committee Responsible: Quality Assurance and Outcome Improvement Subcommittee

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