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Report No. 159 - Recommended ethics curriculum for medical physics graduate and residency programs: Report of Task Group 159 (2010)

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The AAPM Professional Council approved the formation of a task group in 2007, whose purpose is to develop recommendations for an ethics curriculum for medical physics graduate and residency programs. Existing program’s ethics curricula range in scope and content considerably. It is desir- able to have a more uniform baseline curriculum for all programs. Recommended subjects areas, suggested ethics references, and a sample curriculum are included. This report recommends a reasonable ethics course time to be 15–30 h while allowing each program the flexibility to design their course.

Medical Physics, 37, 4495-4500 (2010)
ISBN: 978-1-936366-37-8

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Keywords: Ethics, Professional Conduct, Morals
Ethics Committee Task Group #159

Christopher F. Serago, Jay W. Burmeister, Peter B. Dunscombe, Ashley A. Gale, William R. Hendee, Stephen F. Kry, Cheng-Shie Wuu

Committee Responsible: Education Council

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