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AAPM Reports - Performance Evaluation and Quality Assurance in Digital Subtraction Angiography
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Report No. 015 - Performance Evaluation and Quality Assurance in Digital Subtraction Angiography (1985)

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Radiographic systems capable of digital subtraction angiography (DSA) are now to be found in most medium-sized and large hospitals, as well as in private offices and outpatient clinics. At present there is no standard method of evaluating these units, nor is there much guidance from the manufacturers regarding quality assurance. The Digital Radiography/Fluorography Task Group has prepared this report with the following goals; (A) define a set of performance parameters that relate to DSA image quality, (B) describe the components of a digital subtraction system and the way in which they contribute to image quality, and (C) recommend a method of measuring the defined performance parameters so they can be evaluated, optimized and monitored in a quality assurance program. The Task Group feels that the simplest and clinically most meaningful way of measuring and monitoring the performance parameters is by us of a properly designed non-invasive test phantom. Although it is possible to evaluate the individual components of the system (such as focal spot, image intensifier, TV chain, etc.), and indeed it is advised that one should do this in a proper acceptance test, it is actually the final image from a chain of interrelated components that is used in the clinical diagnosis. A phantom that simulates the clinical situation allows meaningful evaluation of the DSA system without the timeconsuming disassembly needed for evaluation of the individual components in the imaging chain. This report does not recommend one specific phantom design, but rather a rational method of measuring performance parameters. A certain phantom design will be described for the purpose of illustrating the concepts of this report; however, any phantom which can adequately measure the performance parameters described in this report is equally acceptable. The user must always be aware that, for meaningful comparisons of DSA systems, for comparisons with manufacturers' claims, or for verification of compliance with bid specifications, the same phantom must be used, and in the same way. The Task Group feels strongly that the manufacturers of DSA systems must include a properly designed phantom with each unit. This should be specified in the purchase document.

ISBN: 978-0-883184-82-0

Keywords: Angiography
Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging Committee/Digital Radiography/ Fluorography Task Group

Maynard High, Gerald Cohen, Pei-Jan Paul Lin, Arthur Olson, Lawrence Rothenberg, Lois Rutz, Gerald Shapiro, Chorng-Gang Shaw, Louis Wagner

Committee Responsible: Radiography and Fluoroscopy Subcommittee

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