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Report No. 270.A - Practical application of AAPM Report 270 in display quality assurance: A report of Task Group 270 (2020)

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Published in January 2019, AAPM Report 270 provides an update to the recommendations of the AAPM’s "TG18" report. Report 270 provides new definitions of display types, updated testing patterns, and revised performance standards for the modern, flat-panel displays used as part of medical image acquisition and review. The focus of the AAPM report is on consistent image quality and appearance, and how to establish a quality assurance program to achieve those two goals. This work highlights some of the key takeaways of AAPM Report 270 and makes comparisons with existing recommendations from other references. It also provides guidance for establishing a display quality assurance program for different-sized institutions. Finally, it describes future challenges for display quality assurance and what work remains.

Medical Physics

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Keywords: displays, quality assurance
Task Group No. 270 - Display QA

Nicholas B Bevins, Michael S. Silosky, Aldo Badano, Rebecca Marsh, Michael J. Flynn, Alisa I Walz-Flannigan

Committee Responsible: Imaging Informatics Subcommittee

Last Review Date: 2022
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