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Report No. 253 - Surface brachytherapy: Joint report of the AAPM and the GEC-ESTRO Task Group No. 253 (2020)

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The surface brachytherapy Task Group report number 253 discusses the common treatment modalities and applicators typically used to treat lesions on the body surface. Details of commissioning and calibration of the applicators and systems are discussed and examples are given for a risk-based analysis approach to the quality assurance measures that are necessary to consider when establishing a surface brachytherapy program.

Medical Physics

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Keywords: skin brachytherapy, surface applicator QA, surface brachytherapy
Task Group No. 253 - Surface Brachytherapy

Regina K Fulkerson, Jose Perez-Calatayud, Facundo Ballester, Ivan M Buzurovic, Yongbok Kim, Yury Niatsetski, Zoubir Ouhib, Sujatha Pai, Mark J. Rivard, Yi Rong, Frank-Andre Siebert, Bruce R. Thomadsen, Frank Weigand

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